eating plenty of fruits and vegetables

One must be sure that they eat enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to stay HAPPY and HEALTHY.

                                                   The saying “Eat your vegetables   reminds me that one of the many things that I am worried about when I live in the Philippines is eating foods that contain plenty of  vegetables. This is probably something that I shouldn’t  have to worry about since most Asian food is usually PACKED with vegetables. Over the past few years I have really cut down on my consumption of  red meats and have boosted my intake of fresh vegetables. Another thing that I have cut out of my diet are the rich creams and gravys, as most are loaded with milk and dairy products, and my lactose intolerancy has really been acting up lately.   The type of foods that  I will look for in the Philippines are soups and foods  that contain  plenty of rice and vegetables with minimal meat!

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