Security precautions when traveling in manila

SECURITY PRECAUTIONS when traveling in Manila  

ImageWhen traveling in Metro Manila. Use the same security precautions that you would use when traveling in any large city.  I keep  my wallet in my FRONT POCKET when traveling in Manila or any other large city.  If you are traveling by TAXI, be sure the doors are all LOCKED and write down the drivers license plate number which is usually displayed on the rear passenger window. Carry only enough cash with you that you will need for the day. Don’t open up your wallet and show thousands of dollars (or even thousands of Philippine pesos) or you could be targeted.  Manila is no more dangerous than any other large city Keep safe while you travel.  I have lived in the Philippines for seven months in 2012 and I lived in various locations in Metro Manila for three months.  I traveled by taxi, elevated train (LRT/MRT) as well as the Philippine National radio (PNR) and never encountered any problems.  I walked the streets of Santa Cruz, Quiapo, Intramuros and Malate on numerous occasions but always in the daytime. I stayed in my room at night, only because my night vision is not very good.   Keep safe and secure when traveling in Manila!

4 thoughts on “Security precautions when traveling in manila

  1. very Nice Post I like it. Living in Manila Its not that bad..still a best place to live in.We should be aware of our surroundings and be prepared always for any emergencies and it works in every country.

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