The bridge to Tuao Cagayan


There are several issues with the bridge as one enters Tuao Cagayan…   The first issue is that the bridge is just wide enough for one full sized BUS or JEEPNEY to pass each way. There is a pull-over land every few hundred feet so if you are in a LARGE VEHICLE you have to pull over and let the buses, jeepneys and trucks coming from the other direction.

The second issue is when the river is full the bridge is not usable, not passable as the water will be high enough to reach the roadway.


  The buses and Jeepneys park along the river and leave the passengers off to cross inmotor boats to bring  the people to the other side of the river. One you reach the Tuao side of the river, you can take a Calesa several hundred yards to where the tricycles are, which will bring you into the city of Tuao. When you take the motorboat, take care, your shoes will probably get wet!


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