reserving a computer in Harlingen Public Library


Every afternoon right after work I walk to Harlingen Public Library to get online. Sometimes all the computers are full and one has to make a reservation on the reservation computer.Usually the reservation computer will assign a computer for you to use within 5-15 minutes.


Every  person who uses a computer in the Harlingen Public Library signs in with their Library card. They are assigned a time of 45 minutes but after their time is up if their are still computers available they can get extra time in 15-minute intervals assuming there are still computers available. In the event that all the computers are occupied then you will not be asked for extra time.  If a person arrives at the Library  to use the computers and all the computers are occupied then by making a reservation on the reservation computer you will be assigned a computer to use and the time that the computer will be available. 


By making a reservation you are effectively bumping someone off of one of the computers and preventing them from extending their time. Of course, they have already used all of their computer allocated time of  45minutes, but perhaps they would have liked additional time.  Normally, however, there are a few computers available and no one needs to get bumped off.  Saturday and Sunday afternoons, however, are normally full, so their will be plenty of people making reservations to use the computer.

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