putting the puzzle together

ImageFitting the pieces of the puzzle together. When we ask ourselves what is the universe and where did we come from?


It seems to me that as soon as we get a glimpse of INSIGHT as to how the puzzle fits together in this home that we call the UNIVERSE  we begin to realize that we have just seen a glimpse of an ever so small part of the GRAND SCHEME of things in  the way the UNIVERSE works.


what to BLOG about?

ImageWhat to write blogs about?

Are you STUMPED?


or are you just STARING at a BLANK SHEET of paper?

Imagesometimes, we need to take a break, step outside, and just breathe!

The main topics that I write about are:

Things that happen in the course of my daily ACTIVITIES.

Things that happened over the course of the past year that I still find RELEVANT.

It is just a matter of THINKING…and writing!

Now go OUTSIDE and get some FRESH AIR!


problems with a leaking coffee cup this morning

ImageI went to 7/11 this morning and bought a cup of hot chocolate and mixed it with french vanilla. I didn’t realize until after I had started drinking it that the coffee was dripping all over me.   I thought that perhaps the lid was not on tightly so I inspected it to insure that it was. I lifted up the cup again…and with the same result, my drink was spilling all over me..and the floor…


my coffee cup from 7/11 looked like this…but had a broken lip

I opened up the lid again and inspected the cup…  There was a small portion of the cup missing near the lip. Problem solved, but I guess that I was in a hurry to buy my hot chocolate that I did not take the time inspect the cup, I just ASSUMED that ALL the coffee cups would be ok.  Let this be a LESSON LEARNED…. NOTE to MYSELF…. always do a full inspection of styrofoam coffee cups BEFORE filling up the hot choclate!