My Impressions of the Philippines

My Impressions of the Philippines


During my seven month stay in the Philippines from late May 2012 until early December 2012 I was able to accomplish much of what I set out do to.  There was simply not enough time and money to do everything that I wanted to do.


I stayed in Manila for a little over 2 months and in the Cagayan valley for almost 5 months on 2 separate occasions.


I wanted to see more of Ilocos Norte and the beaches on the northern coast. I wanted to see Santa Ana and the small islands off the northern coast.


I will plan ahead so that during my next trip to the Philippines I will take ample time to visit all the places that I want to see. I am looking forward to returning to the land that I consider my second home……The Philippines!    


2 thoughts on “My Impressions of the Philippines

  1. Wow.Thank you so much Mr.Steven. I’m a Filipino and I feel so glad that you enjoyed staying here in the Philippines. You’re always welcome! #Itsmorefuninthephilippines 😀

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