Blessed by the BEST


This article is about the book that I am writing called Blessed by the BEST and is dedicated to Brother Ed and the Long Beach RESCUE MISSION


Brother Ed Robinson is a manager for the bed guests of the Long Beach Rescue Mission and is the man behind this book Blessed By the Best. I feel that I have been blessed by the best to have known someone like Brother Ed and I describe in detail how he enriched my life. I stayed at the mission as a bed guest from December 2013 until early April 2014. I looked forward to Brother Ed’s daily sermons which were held in the chapel at 5:30pm just before dinner time. His sermons provided us with guidance and the inspiration to look forward to another day. Brother Ed always had a smile on his face and an upbeat attitude on life even though he had been diagnosed with STAGE-1 bone cancer in January 2014. He often discussed his experiences of living on the street in South-Central Los Angeles before coming to the mission himself as a bed guest a few years ago. He spoke of his addiction with crack cocaine and his dependence on the Pusher-Man. His guidance reminds me of the lyrics in the song Amazing Grace “I was lost but now I’m found….I was blind but now I see” I thank Brother Ed and the staff of the Long Beach Rescue Mission for helping me to move forward in my life enabling me to see a much clearer path in front of me. This book Blessed by the Best details how I became homeless after traveling from Texas to southern California and shows how the three homeless shelters that I stayed in helped shape my life.

ImageThis book will show of my interaction with other homeless people who stayed at the shelters as well as those who slept out on the streets. I describe about the pros and cons of being homeless in Southern California as well as how I eventually made it back to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas to start a new life. If you would like to help me fund my book and be sure that it gets published . You can help by donating to my KICKSTARTER project account: I will have the link posted shortly. Thanks in advance for your cooperation to help make this book possible.  I am hoping that this book should be published sometime during June of this year.

I can also accept donations by PayPal,  sent to on the Paypal website. 

Please donate to help support my blog

Please donate to help support my blog

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