Mother’s Day in a dream

In a recent dream I see my mom driving an older car and parking in front of  a building.        I considered this to be quite remarkable since she didn’t drive during her time here on earth. She had tried to get her license many times, but she didn’t quite have the coordination to be driving. Perhaps it was because of her height, she was 5’0″, and maybe a booster seat would have helped. I remember she put several pillows underneath when my dad or sister would teach her to drive.

mom and dad beach

my mom and dad many years ago

Going back to the dream, my mom gets out of the car and we hug each other. The fact that this dream happened so close to mother’s day means so much to me as she passed away 15 years ago.

Perhaps someday I will meet her again on the other side. Perhaps,  in this dream I was in a parallel universe. I know that someday I will see you again, mom, thanks for everything and Happy Mother’s Day.

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