About me

Hello my friends

Hello my friends


  my fellow readers and bloggers.

I am currently living  in Harlingen TEXAS near the Rio Grande River and the Gulf of Mexico. I had been living in the Philippines for almost 7 months during 2012.  I learned a great deal about the Filipino people, language and culture and I hope to return someday to retire there. I am in the process of writing three books about my adventures in the Philippines. I will post images of the book covers so you can preview what the books will encompass. I hope to do a new post daily (or at least several times a week) from now on, so I hope to be seeing a lot more of you 🙂

this is me, Steven

this is me, Steven


yours truly,

the blog’s Author,

Steven Wiseblood

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78 thoughts on “About me

  1. hi there and thanks for following my India Journal Blog. I wish you well on your move and on your new blog as well. As I am not in India at the moment, I am posting now mainly on my current blog which you might also like to check out:
    Not In India 2012 at:
    I love your flower photos and look forward to more as well

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I will be interested in seeing your posts on your experiences in the Phillippines – I have traveled in Asia a bit and may post some memoirs about these trips eventually – meanwhile I like to see what others are posting and thinking about this part of the world. The Phillippines is a unique piece both ethnically and culturally – looking forward to your insights.

  3. Hi Steven,

    Thank you for following my blog. It’s really nice to know that you want to retire in the Philippines. 🙂 The Philippines is the best place (not only for retirement) but growing a family and business… I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and good luck in your book.


  4. Hi,
    Thanks for the follow! I’ll be adding some travel writing from Greece in the next few weeks. I look forward to learning more about the Philippines. Nice work.

  5. Hi Steven – thanks for following my blog. I’m just new to all of this so still trying to find my way with it. It’s so interesting to read what others are writing about. I’ve never been to the Philippines but hopefully one day……

  6. Hi Steven, I’m looking forward to reading more about Philippines.
    I can imagine that the experience to spend some time over there was precious and there are plenty of things to write about!

  7. Hi Steven! It’s wonderful to know that your 7-month stay here in the Philippines was an enriching experience for you. I hope your plans to come back and retire here will come true someday. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in my country! Shalom and God bless! 🙂

  8. Hi Steven.

    It’s a great thing you’re doing, bringing knowledge about your personal experiences of the Philippines to everybody.

    I wish you the best in your endeavor.

    Thanks for following my blog, and I hope you have fun reading about Goa :)!

  9. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the follow. I wish you all the best with your projects. Have a good week!

  10. Hi Steven. Thank you for visiting my blog and following! I appreciate both. I look forward to learning of your adventures in the Philippines. My parents have friends who were missionaries there for years and adopted three of their 6 children from there so it is a place that holds fond thoughts for me. Blessings, Robyn

  11. I’m looking forward to reading about your experience in the Philippines. I am working toward moving out of the country as well and feel as you do, like I have one foot her and one foot there. Thanks for following my blog. I try to keep it interesting and look forward to your comments.

  12. Hey there! 7 months in the Philippines sounds awesome! Did you work or just travel around the whole time? In se asia at the moment and thinking of adding it to my itinerary. Looking forward to reading more about your time there!

  13. Hey Steven. Cool blog! It’s always great to read about other people’s travelling experiences. On our website we normally publish stories and articles about hitch-hiking and travelling so if you have any story you would like to be seen by a wider audience (with a link to your blog of course). This is how we do it: http://hitchhikershandbook.com/your-contributions/travel-stories/ Drop us a line if you are interested.
    Happy travels!

  14. Hi ESS, thanks for introducing yourself by following our site–we look forward to exploring yours–thanks for sharing your adventures with us. If you’re on facebook we also invite you to visit the RAXA Collective page. See you there!

  15. Hi – thanks for following One Foot out the Door! I look forward to reading about the Philippines; that’s on my list of places to go some day!

  16. Thanks for following my blog, Steven. I will enjoy reading your posts, and getting updates on your books. I’m an old San Antonio native, and I guess a Texas ex-pat living in Northern California.

  17. Hi thanks for following my bog.I shall read about the Philippines as my dear friend here in China is Philippina! Travel blogging is great.
    All the best

  18. Hi,

    I just saw that you started to follow my blog. Thank you! 🙂
    You shall receive an AWESOME postcardfrom me from somewhere mysterious in the world….
    To receive it, fill the contact form with your address on my blog : http://offtowanderland.com/contact/
    I am looking forward to choose a special postcard for you 🙂


  19. Hello newest Spikey! I know, a bit corny, eh, but that’s the term that has come to stick for those folk who are part of the clan known to be followers of Uncle Spike 🙂

    Thank you… I really appreciate that as I for one, know how many interesting and entertaining blogs are out there.

    My aim is to deliver an eclectic offering of posts, from my ‘point n shoot’ attempts at basic photography, to the sharing of my travel adventures over the decades, as well as day to day happenings here on the farm. Oh, plus a few observations on life as I see it, thrown in for good measure.

    My promise to you is not to be overbearing, just a couple of posts a day, maybe 3 at weekends if I have something special to share. But if you are at a loose end one day, maybe you’ll enjoy trawling through some of my older stuff too. I have added plenty of categories to help in said digging process.

    Thanks again and hope you have a great day…


  20. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

    Haha, it’s so cool, my parents are both from Cagayan Valley and while I did not grow up here in the Philippines, every time we’d vacation over, I’d alternate summers in Cagayan Valley and Manila! Glad to know you found your stay here interesting!! 🙂

  21. Hi 🙂

    First of : Love your blog ❤

    I am thinking of moving from wordpress.com to a self-hosted wordpress but sadly I will lose the WordPress Reader and my followers :/
    So if you still like my stories ( I hope you do :)), could you please sign-up via mail?
    My new sign-up link : http://eepurl.com/WPz5H

    Thank you so very much and I hope to hear from you soon

    Myriam @OffToWanderland

  22. Hey thanks for stopping by and following my blog.. Your blog is amazing! I love nature and I’m looking forward to know more from your adventures in Philippines. 🙂 take care have a nice day!

  23. Hi there
    Thanks for liking and following my blog; Perusing over yours I see you are a man of many talents; I’m not even sure where to start but I’ll take some time to figure it out. It seems to me you are wise enough to retire now; Just do it, man !!
    Thanks again !!

    • Thanks, I am making plans to leave for the Philippines late next year or early 2016. I also plan to live part time in Malaysia and a few weeks out of the year in Indonesia. Good luck with your plans and hope we can meet up in Malaysia sometime in 2016!

  24. Hi, thank you for liking and following my blog! It’s nice to know that you really enjoyed your stay in the Philippines!

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