We must KNOW our bodies

We must KNOW our bodies


It is very important, not only  to eat the right kind of foods, but to drink PLENTY of liquids.

ImageWe need to know what foods are good for us and what foods can harm our bodies.

ImageThe EXPERTS in nutrition say that we should drink 2.5-3 LITERS of FLUIDS per day in order to maintain a healthy body.

traveling through Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya

Bayombong,  Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines


I traveled through Bayombong last year on the way from Manila to Tuguegarao, Cagayan. Bayombong is in the province of Nueva Vizcaya.  There are many hills and mountains nearby. The scenery is very beautiful.  If you go there you need to see St. Dominic’s Cathedral, Calvary Hill and go to the market where they sell citrus fruits of all types!

ImageSt. Dominic Cathedral

ImageThis is Calvary Hill


There are always many different types of Citrus fruits for sale at the market in Bayombong.

more Philippine fruits – Rambutan


Rambutan is one of my favorite fruits in the Philippines. It looks a bit “hairy” on the outside, so just peel the skin and the inside is so soft and sweet…almost melts in your mouth like candy!   Always peel it because sometimes ants or small insects may make their home on the “hairy” part of the skin. WASH them off well when you bring them home.  They are VERY YUMMY!