getting around Metro Manila by Taxi


Getting around Metro Manila by Taxi is great if you’ve got the funds to do it. The average fair to get around Manila could be, on the average, from 500p to 1000p (up to $25.US). If you are traveling from NIAA (The Manila Airport to ANYWHERE in Manila, expect the fare to START at $30.US and go up from there depending on your destination. 

getting around Manila

getting around Manila

There are several ways to get around Metro manila. Taxis can be very expensive, while MASS TRANSPORTATION is relatively cheap. The elevated trains LRT & MRT are usually 10p to 15p depending on how far you are going.

Philippine Natiional Railways

Philippine Natiional Railways

When in Rome do as the Romans do…and when in Manila do as the Filipinos do.. Ride the Philippine National railway (PNR)!
Not all of the trains in Manila are ELEVATED TRAINS as is the LRT/MRT. The PNR travels across Metro Manila on the ground!

Goldilocks in Manila…oh so yummy

Goldilocks in Manila...oh so yummy

The pastries, cakes, cupcakes at Goldilocks in Metro Manila are so yummy. This is the Goldilocks on Recto Blvd, at Quezon Blvd in Quiapo/Santa Cruz.

view of the Baclaran Mosque

view of the Baclaran Mosque

I was walking down Roxas Blvd in early December 2012 on my way to NIAA (Manila Airport) and heard the Call to Prayer. Looking over toward the west I see the Baclaran Mosque. It was almost sundown and it was, indeed, a very awesome sight!