Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama “Yalla ya Shabab”


Ragheb Alama – Yalla Ya Shabab / راغب علامه –

يلا يا شباب 

The video features Andy Madadian (Persian) & Ragheb Alama (Lebanese) -Andy sings in Persian (Farsi) and Ragheb sings in Arabic.   A very nice song!  The title means Let’s go guys


Tranlated in English:

Ragheb Alama – Let’s Go Guys

Let’s go let’s go let’s go guys
Let’s go let’s sing guys
My darling, my darling

I’m coming, coming on the wings of sparrows
I’m flying, flying, to your eyes I want to fly
And write the sweetest songs for you
And hide you in my eyes so you can sleep
And hold you in my arms and fly

Your eyes are a song I sing day and night
Your glances are enchanting they drive me wild
I named you the most beautiful names
And you completed the letters of the meanings
And I love you a lot, my life