Driving in the Philippines


If you are an American, driving in the Philippines should be easy. They drive on the same side of the street as Americans.  If you are driving inside Metro Manila, be prepared for rush hour traffic jams. In some locations near Cubao/Quezon City rush hour traffic can last all day. I would love to drive outside of Metro Manila the next time that I am in the Philippines. Places where there is little or no traffic and see the beautiful tropical scenery and mountains!

getting around Manila

getting around Manila

There are several ways to get around Metro manila. Taxis can be very expensive, while MASS TRANSPORTATION is relatively cheap. The elevated trains LRT & MRT are usually 10p to 15p depending on how far you are going.

Goldilocks in Manila…oh so yummy

Goldilocks in Manila...oh so yummy

The pastries, cakes, cupcakes at Goldilocks in Metro Manila are so yummy. This is the Goldilocks on Recto Blvd, at Quezon Blvd in Quiapo/Santa Cruz.

don’t try this at home!

don't try this at home!

Walking on the LRT tracks in Manila just MIGHT be dangerous! Please…just go to the LRT or MRT Station……no need to walk on the tracks…..Personally..I don’t know WHY these people were walking on the tracks but I would love to find out the REST of the story!