problems with a leaking coffee cup this morning

ImageI went to 7/11 this morning and bought a cup of hot chocolate and mixed it with french vanilla. I didn’t realize until after I had started drinking it that the coffee was dripping all over me.   I thought that perhaps the lid was not on tightly so I inspected it to insure that it was. I lifted up the cup again…and with the same result, my drink was spilling all over me..and the floor…


my coffee cup from 7/11 looked like this…but had a broken lip

I opened up the lid again and inspected the cup…  There was a small portion of the cup missing near the lip. Problem solved, but I guess that I was in a hurry to buy my hot chocolate that I did not take the time inspect the cup, I just ASSUMED that ALL the coffee cups would be ok.  Let this be a LESSON LEARNED…. NOTE to MYSELF…. always do a full inspection of styrofoam coffee cups BEFORE filling up the hot choclate!