taking a tricycle in Tuguegarao

ImageWhat to pay for a tricycle in Tuguegarao, Cagayan?


I believe that the minimum fare is 10 pesos per person. It  all depends how far around town that you need to go!  If you are  going  to be around the downtown section of Tuguegarao, then, I believe,  10p – 20p is a fair price.  I lived for a while in Carig Sur, which is about 3km from downtown Tuguegarao. The tricycle price for 2 people was always about 50p (25p per person). When in doubt about the fare as the tricycle driver beforehand!

Impressions of Tuguegarao, Cagayan


My impressions of Tugeuegarao, Cagayan. 


Cagayan is a province located in the far northern part of the Philippines. Tuguegarao is the Capital city. I loved Tuguegarao because so many things to do there. It is not as big as Manila but still maintains the atmosphere of a larger city. I lived there for over a month and would gladly do it again!  The first impression of downtown Tuguegarao is that there are many, many Tricycles…but many things do do, and many places to eat!

I will tell more about my experiences of Tuguegarao in my future blogs!