exploring a topic called exchange night


I had read on another blog about an idea called Exchange night. Exchange Night could happen about once a month where kids can get together and talk about their dreams and visions.


The groups of kids who get together on exchange night should be in the same age group so they can interact together more freely. This program could be implemented by a school, cultural center, church. It is something that I have had in the back of my mind since reading the article and I think it would be beneficial to kids of any age group.


what to BLOG about?

ImageWhat to write blogs about?

Are you STUMPED?


or are you just STARING at a BLANK SHEET of paper?

Imagesometimes, we need to take a break, step outside, and just breathe!

The main topics that I write about are:

Things that happen in the course of my daily ACTIVITIES.

Things that happened over the course of the past year that I still find RELEVANT.

It is just a matter of THINKING…and writing!

Now go OUTSIDE and get some FRESH AIR!


My Dreams and visions

My Dreams and visions

This is the cover of my new book  entitled “My dreams and visions ” which is about the dreams that I have had since childhood. This should be published in March or April and will be available on KINDLE READERand also published in paperback by CREATE SPACE.