I would return to Manila tomorrow… If only I could

I would return to Manila tomorrow… If only I could

ImageI need to save up for a return trip, try to start my own online business and continue writing in hopes of selling my books.

ImageWith any luck at all, I can return by next summer…or the summer of 2015 at the latest.


I hope to make this a permanent move this time and hope to have  enough money coming in from blogging and book selling to stay there!

what to BLOG about?

ImageWhat to write blogs about?

Are you STUMPED?


or are you just STARING at a BLANK SHEET of paper?

Imagesometimes, we need to take a break, step outside, and just breathe!

The main topics that I write about are:

Things that happen in the course of my daily ACTIVITIES.

Things that happened over the course of the past year that I still find RELEVANT.

It is just a matter of THINKING…and writing!

Now go OUTSIDE and get some FRESH AIR!